Just a few days ago, we shared Kaia Gerber’s blonde hair change! Now, turning to a completely different method, Gerber exploded his new hair color on Instagram. Kaia Gerber, who dyed her hair pink with the help of hair stylist Guido Palau, who is among the favorites of the fashion world, shared her new style with her followers. Dyeing her hair as ombré, Gerber preferred light brown at the roots of her hair and tried pastel pink tones for the ends.

Sharing her hair by saying “Punk pink”, Gerber also shared the image of her dyeing her hair with the guidance of Guido Palau on IGTV.

“I turned pink! Thank you Guido Palau for joining my quarantine hair adventure, I’ve developed a new appreciation for your work. I spent an hour doing this hair, but you can see my experience in this image,” said Gerber, summarizing the one-hour hair coloring process with a 7-minute video.

Reaching a great image with Palau’s virtual guidance, Gerber applied hydrogen peroxide to her hair with the DIY hair coloring process last April. “I applied peroxide directly to my hair and then dried it with a hair dryer to give it heat. This has lightened my hair by one or two shades, just a slight change,” said Gerber, among the celebrities who tried the most hair changes in this process!