Queen II, the longest reigning monarch of the British Royal Family. Elizabeth has been attending events, parties and celebrations for 68 years. The Queen, who started to wear the neon trend long before anyone else, probably witnessed the most decisive periods of the fashion branch! Although she shaped her style and make-up choices within the framework of royal rules, Queen II. We have to admit that Elizabeth has a longer experience than any of us. We read a lot of reviews and do research to be sure when shopping for new makeup and skin care items. Well, Queen II, who has been using all her works for over 50 years. How about asking Elizabeth? It is known that the Queen, who is quite stable in her make-up and skin care works, has been using the same works tirelessly for years. We choose to trust the unchanging choices of someone who has ruled for 68 years!

Celebrating her 94th birthday in the past months, Queen II. Although Elizabeth’s skin care routine is not known, there are many beauty and care brands in the middle of the official ‘Royal Guarantee’ of the British Royal Family. These brands, which are both budget-friendly and useful, have been said to shape the Queen’s wardrobe for a long time. The ‘Royal Guarantee’ brands supplying the Windsor residence are personally recommended by the Queen and her family.

If you’re ready to give your beauty collection a ‘Royal’ update, Queen Elizabeth II. You can examine Elizabeth’s indispensable works in the photo gallery…


Even Matte Mineral Powder, £28 clarins.co.uk

At her coronation in 1953, Queen Elizabeth II asked French beauty brand Clarins for a lipstick color to match her dress. Elizabeth has been using the brand’s works ever since. Preferring the ‘Transparent Fair’ shade of Clarins’ Ever Matte Mineral Powder Compact, the Queen also uses Clarins’ hand and nail care creams.

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Hand & Nail Cream, £23 CLARIS clarins.co.uk

This cream, which is said to never run out in the palace, is in the middle of the Queen’s manicure routine.

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Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant Repair Cream, 263 TL ELIZABETH ARDEN boyner.com.tr

Elizabeth Arden, which has been in the middle of the ‘Royal Guarantee’ brands for over 55 years, is in the middle of the Queen’s favorite brands. The Queen, who prefers Elizabeth Arden’s creams, provides her skin softness with this cream.

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Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick, Wildberry, $26.50 ELIZABETH ARDEN elizabetharden.com

The Queen, who loves Elizabeth Arden’s make-up works as well as her care products, generally prefers the pink tones of the fury. Although it is not known exactly which tone the Queen used, it is assumed that the lipstick color she wears when she attends the events is ‘Wildberry’.

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English Lavender Soap, €6 YARDLEY amazon.co.uk

Said to be stocked in the palace, this soap is one of the Queen’s favorite scents. Yardley, which has been producing perfumes and soaps since 1770, received a ‘Royal Guarantee’ for all soaps in London from King Charles I in the middle of the 17th century. Although not producing all the soaps in London in the current period, Yardley is still in the middle of the Royal Family’s choices. It is said that Yardley artifacts were also given to guests staying at Windsor Palace.

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White Rose Perfume, €98 FLORIS florislondon.com

If you want to smell like a Queen, you can try Floris London’s ‘White Rose’ perfume. Floris, who is in the middle of the ‘Royal Guarantee’ brands, did not share which perfume scent the Queen used, although Queen II. It is said that Elizabeth’s favorite flower was the carnation flower. Floris’ ‘White Rose’ perfume, on the other hand, has quite obviously clove notes. It shows that this is Elizabeth’s perfume!

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Ballet Slippers Nail Polish, $9 ESSIE essie.com

Queen It is not possible to see Elizabeth without gloves… But Queen II. It is known that the nail polish tone that Elizabeth has not given up for years is Essie’s ‘Ballet Slippers’ light pink color. Adding a subtle shine to nails, this nail polish shade is said to have been ordered by the Queen’s stylist in 1989 by the brand’s founder, Essie Weingarten. The Queen, who cannot give up after using this color, still continues to use the same nail polish!

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Lemon and Neroli Soap, BRONNLEY ENGLAND £10 amazon.com

King VI in 1943. Taken in the middle of the ‘Royal Guarantee’ trademarks by George Bronnley, Queen II. Elizabeth is also in the middle of her preferences.

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Delicious Rhubarb and Rose Shower Gel, €25 MOLTON BROWN moltonbrown.eu

Located in the middle of the ‘Royal Guarantee’ brands, Molton Brown is known to supply all of the Queen’s bathroom and toilet works.

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Oval Cherry Wood Comb, $82 KENT amazon.com

Kent, the world’s oldest manufacturer of combs and brushes, was built by Queen II. Along with Elizabeth, she stood in the middle of the ‘Royal Guarantee’ trademarks throughout the nine monarchs of the British Royal Family.

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