Mouth sores cause vitamin and mineral deficiency!

Aphthae or mouth sores on the side of the mouth, lips are a problem that negatively affects daily life. While mouth sores can sometimes be in the form of small scratches that naturally heal in a few days, in some cases they can become inflamed and turn into painful sores called aphthae. There are natural treatment methods for mouth sores that usually occur due to vitamin and mineral deficiency and tension. Chief among these is sage. We shared what was wondered about mouth sores…

What is a mouth sore?

mouth sore; It is the name given to mucosal damages that occur in the inner part of the mouth and cheeks, gums, tongue and sublingual and palate regions. In cases where these wounds have an inflamed appearance and cause swelling, they are called aphthae. Wounds in the mouth can be caused by viruses such as herpes, as well as bacterial infections and damage to the inside of the mouth due to the consumption of hard foods. It is a very common health problem and it is usually easy tables that get better in a few days.

The underlying problem of the mouth sore should be identified

If mouth sores always recur or continue to grow and worsen after a few days, it is highly likely that there is a different underlying disease. For this reason, when treating the wound, it should also be investigated whether there is a different disease at the same time.

mouth sore symptoms

Mouth sores are seen as sores that appear within 1-2 days, develop rapidly, and usually heal within a few days. The symptoms seen in this process can be listed in the following form:

– Reddened sores in the mouth
– Inflammation at the wound site
– Swelling, pain and tenderness at the wound site
– Difficulty speaking and chewing due to pain and stinging in the wound area

What causes mouth sores?

Mouth sores can sometimes occur due to tension and psychological factors. Misbehaviors and some health problems that play a role in the formation of these wounds are as follows:

Genetic and systemic diseases
Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
drug use
hormonal changes
Food and drug allergies
Inadequate oral care and cleaning
Consumption of alcoholic and acidic beverages
Disorders in the structure of teeth and gums
Weak immune system
Bacterial and viral infections

What is enough for a mouth sore?

Sage tea: Sage, which has positive effects on the beautification of infections, is also one of the preferred systems for the natural treatment of mouth sores. The herbal tea prepared by boiling natural sage tea is cooled in a warm form so that it does not burn the mouth. It is drunk without adding sugar or sweetener. Keeping it in the mouth for a while while drinking will increase its effect.

Baking soda: Due to its antibacterial properties and beautifying effect on wounds, baking soda is one of the frequently preferred residential care methods for beautifying mouth wounds. You can gargle with this water that you have prepared by mixing 1 teaspoon of baking soda with a small amount of water. If the wound is located near the lip, you can rub the water on the injured area with the help of a cloth.

Saltwater: Mixing 1 teaspoon of salt into about a tea glass of water and gargling with this water contributes to both disinfecting the inside of the mouth and healing the wounds in a faster way. During this process, it is normal to experience some tingling due to salt.